Hi!  We are still performing and doing shows. However, due to the Corona Virus (and for the protection of all), we have new systems in place. Hope everyone is well and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! 

ps. Easier to call my cell... (201) 247-1100

What makes these Senior Shows so special?

Micky's Senior Center Shows are comedic entertainment designed for seniors by a senior.

As a senior himself Micky knows personally how to relate to the senior set.

Micky believes that magic is more than just doing a bunch of tricks -- it's about unlocking the mystery, amazement, and wonder that is the spirit of magic inside each of us.

Using references that are relevant to seniors
--from movies, history, and life itself--
Micky always engages and delights his audience. Micky uses plenty of guest helpers from the audience to make the magic happen. He invites willing and eager volunteers to help him with his act.


Micky has specifically designed this show for seniors using effects that are visually vibrant and easy to see. He makes sure that the show is easy to hear and easy to follow.

Many credible studies have shown that
comedy entertainment:

-- Stimulates organs by increasing oxygen when you breathe, and helps to release endorphins (natural pain relief from the brain).

-- Relieves tension by creating better blood circulation.

-- Boosts the immune system

-- Relaxes the mind AND the body

-- Enlightens the spirit, and so much more!

Every year Micky Magic performs hundreds of magic shows all over the NY/NJ area, tailored to the needs and interests of our audiences.


Call us now to ensure that you get the time you prefer. We offer reasonable prices and additional discounts for multiple bookings.

Mike Gomez's company, Clown Around Productions, LLC, is fully bonded, ethical, and insured.

More than a Magic Show!

And remember . . .
Laughter is the best medicine!

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